We Provide a Variety of Tax Services

Personal Tax Services: Canadian and US (1040/FBAR) Income Tax returns, Tax Planning, Estates, Rentals, Moving expenses, Student filing, worldwide Canadian Income tax preparation

Business & Corporate Tax Services: Tax returns, Proprietorship & Corporations, Balance sheets, Income statements, Government remittance including HST, Incorporation, Bookkeeping.

We have professional and knowledgeable accounts that will meet you at the location of your choice. We strive to make the process as easy and convenient for you by offering evening and weekend appointments and electronic filing for a quicker completion.

Canada-wide and worldwide Canadian income tax preparation

We prepare personal, business and corporation tax returns for Canadian taxpayers located in any province (except Quebec) and worldwide.

Procedure to file a Canadian Income Tax from anywhere:

Send us the appropriate tax information by e-mail (as an Excel file attachment), mail, fax or phone.

For personal and business tax returns we will send you by e-mail a T183 form. You must sign it and mail or fax the original back to us. We will file your tax return electronically and e-mail you a copy of the tax.

For corporate taxes we will prepare the appropriate T2 forms, GIFI and provincial corporate returns. We will e-mail you the original forms. You will print them, sign them and mail them to your closest Canadian income tax office.

Things to Know

Tax Returns

You can count on us to prepare your tax return and Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) statements if you are a US citizen living in Canada. We have mobile accountants ready to come to your home or office anytime.

We will send the file of the tax returns we prepared for you via email. If you wish to print them, you can do so on your computer using Adobe Reader.

Estates and Wills

We understand that having to deal with legal matters while grieving for the loss of a friend or family member can be challenging. To help you during this difficult time, our accountants are here to probate the will of your departed loved one at a lower fee compared to a lawyer. You may also rely on us to prepare his/her final tax and estate returns.


Turn to us if you are looking to incorporate your company. Our team can complete the process for you within 24 hours. All you have to do is provide us with the relevant information and pay our fee of $250.00 (+HST) and Ontario disbursements, which cost $360.00.